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Dear Parents,

The CEO Project was launched to craft a series of inspiring stories that combine lessons on Catholic values and beliefs with Key Stage 1 English language learning. By drawing on the Bible, well-loved fables and classic tales, the stories lead learners on a journey of moral nourishment and development.

Each story emphasises an individual aspect of language learning while encouraging readers to consider one of the five areas of their faith: Life, Love, Justice, Truth and Family. Both language and understanding of the story and values are further enhanced with a series of questions that come after each story, and multi-level classroom activities that reinforce the morals behind the lessons in a fun and engaging manner.

Through the CEO Project, learners will grow their English reading skills while expanding their understanding of Catholic values and strengthening their personal connection with God.


To help you and your kid to use the resources, we have prepared an online guided tour (English and Cantonese versions) to guide you and your children through our website. You can also refer to the student manual.

Online Guided Tour:
Student Manual:

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CEO 閱讀之旅是讓同學經歷一系列鼓舞人心的故事之旅程。故事以天主教辦學的信念和教理為基礎,通過這些特別為他們編寫的經典寓言或故事,培養學生的品德和品格發展。


我們衷心冀望 CEO 計劃能有效提升學生的英語學習興趣和能力,並引導他們建立正確的人生觀。




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  • Google Chrome 瀏覽器版本 105 或以上 (推薦使用)
  • Microsoft Edge 瀏覽器版本 105 或以上
  • Mozilla Firefox 瀏覽器版本 103 或以上
  • Safari 瀏覽器版本 14.1 或以上

Tablet/Mobile phone

  • Android 4.4 或以上: Google Chrome 瀏覽器
  • iOS 14.8 或以上: Safari 瀏覽器


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