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CEO Project Introduction
CEO 項目序言

Mr Yip Kai Kwan Julian 葉介君先生
Assistant to the Episcopal of Delegate for Education 教育事務主教代表助理

I would like to offer a warm welcome to all, and to say that I am delighted to have the opportunity to work together with fellow educators who share our dreams and aspirations in the CEO project.

The CEO project was initially the English abbreviation of the Catholic Education Office, but we have developed layers of meaning from those three simple letters. As educators, we will come together to give the CEO project a profound and lasting meaning.

C represents everything at the heart of the Catholic education, the five Core Values - Truth, Love, Justice, Life, and Family. They are an integral part of daily tuition at Catholic schools. Our students are prepared for their future lives with a dedicated emphasis on these values, and we feel that these lessons are a valuable addition to the classrooms of our youngest pupils. Establishing the core values in early childhood creates a positive, safe environment of trust and caring throughout the school.

E represents English Language, E-learning, and Education. Just as there are multiple meanings to a child's life, so there are to this letter. Incorporating the core values of Catholic education into the English curriculum is an ambitious goal, but with the use of computers and engaging interactive programmes we ensure a colourful, bright learning environment that inspires and delights. While our children master a valuable international language, they will also discover a true path in life.

O is a symbol of striding towards perfection - a shining, complete ring. This project is to be carried out during the Advent period of 2019 while we prepare to welcome the coming of Christ. As our children are prepared for their future through this project, they can also look forward to the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. This project aspires to improve learners’ English language skills while guiding them towards a truthful, loving outlook on life.

Thank you to all educators for being a part of our work, for acting as beacons for our children in their search for Truth. May we lead them on the right path in life. May His blessings and peace be yours.



首先,我想和大家分享 CEO 計劃這個名稱的意義。 CEO 本來是天主教教育事務處的英文縮寫,而在這個計劃中,這三個英文字母更賦有多層次的意義。作為教育者,我們將一起賦予 CEO 這個項目名稱深厚的含意。在這裡,我首先和大家分享我對這三個英文字母的理解:

C ,代表天主教教育核心價值 Core Values 。相信大家對於五個天主教教育核心價值一點也不陌生:真理、義德、愛德、生命和家庭。天主教學校多年來對教育的貢獻毋庸置疑,教育工作者每天維護核心價值並孜孜不倦傳授給青少年,為他們日後立身處世作準備。這亦是為何此項計劃在初小便開始推行,為的除了是在校內提供一個互信和關愛的家庭環境,亦是為了從小讓學生真切感受到這五個核心價值,自小建立正確的人生價值觀。

E ,可以代表英國語文 English Language 、電子教學 E-learning 及教育 Education 。我們可以為這個名稱賦予不同意義,就如我們可以為孩子的生命添上多重意義。今天,我們的英語教育逐漸邁向更多元化,更電子化的方向。將天主教教育核心價值融入英語課程更是我們在座各位來年的抱負。英語學習,電子互動,以及教區價值互相融合,相信必定能令語文教育發出燦爛繽紛的色彩。小孩掌握國際語言的同時,亦能建立正確的人生觀。

O ,象徵邁向圓滿,亦有如將臨環。在將臨期,我們虔誠地預備迎接基督的到來。我們在 2019 年將臨期開展此項目,希望透過這項計劃從小為孩子的未來作準備,期待美滿的將來同時,亦期待主耶穌光榮地再來。